Zummo Juicers

Louise Pearson – Sales Manager
Unit C, Mill Court, Featherstone Road, Wolverton Mill,
Milton Keynes, MK12 5EU, United Kindom

Mobile +44(0)7950 653 207
Email: lousie.pearson@uk.aht.at
Web: www.uk.aht.at

About Zummo

Three adjectives are enough to define us: inquisitive, human, adaptable.

Inquisitiveness, humanity, and adaptability form the basis on which we have been developing the most innovative technologies in the processing of fruit and vegetables since 1992. Technologies with the will to bring benefits to society from close proximity:

Benefits for people, making the consumption of healthy and fresh products accessible to them. Benefits for businesses, offering them healthy and cost-effective technologies that increase their value as a company, wherever they are, however they are.

How can we help you?
We listen to you.

Sector trends

We are seekers.

At Zummo we are aware that society is constantly evolving. That is why our enquiring spirit, our interest in learning and understanding our environment are essential to get know people, consumers, and caterers, and thus, offer them the best.

Do you know what we observe in Food Service?

  • Nutrition and health are key.
  • Food hygiene and safety are incontestable.
  • New sensorial experiences are sought.
  • The mix of tradition and innovation is a must.
  • The “real food” lifestyle is taking hold.
  • Sustainability and responsible consumption are of great concern.
  • Delivery and take-away are here to stay.
  • Service and self-service are condemned to get along.

Why choose Zummo

Zummo is a guarantee of hygiene and purity. The juice
obtained never comes into contact with the fruit’s peel and its
flow from the squeezing system to the glass is minimum, thus
offering a quality product that keeps the natural properties of
the juice intact.

For the products.

Zummo juicers are in
constant evolution, incorporating exclusive
developments that push them to achieve excellence.

EVS – Taste and purity.

We are convinced to say we squeeze the best juice.

Did you know that the squeezing system is a determining factor
in the quality of the juice and the profitability obtained?

Efficient Vertical System is what makes us mark the difference. EVS is a system created and developed by Zummo that, based on manual squeezing, makes the juice obtained the most natural and with the purest possible taste, while
maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Automatic filter – Maximum autonomy.

It has a direct impact on the high performance of the juicer. The filter, which is totally integrated into the machine, starts moving when the squeezer is activated and sweeps the seeds and pulp that may remain on the filter after the squeezing process.

Closed Chamber – Safety and hygiene.

Integral coupling system that
combines usability with the highest possible tightness and protection of the system. In this way, any external agent is prevented from entering the
squeezing area.

SimpleClick* – Hygiene. Usability.

With this coupling system, the squeeze balls are assembled and disassembled in one single movement. This facilitates their handling and avoids positioning mistakes.

Easy Clean – Hygiene. Usability.

The squeezing process has been developed to minimize splashing, reduce the remains of pulp and prevent possible clogging caused by the rinds.
Moreover, the cleaning process is very easy and intuitive, providing great usability to the operator and giving the machine maximum autonomy.

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