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Frozen Pet Food

Frozen Pet Food

Why chose the AHT Rio Display Chest ?

Ourrange of Raw Pet Food Cabinets come as standard with the following attributes :

• Very low energy consumption
• Galvanized steel inner liner, painted white (very solid and no rust – compared to aluminium inner liner)
• NO or very little icing in our cabinets (100% tight – no silicone joints in the 4 angles inside the cabinet)
• Very solid glass lids with frames moulded directly on the glass in one piece
(no assembly – impossible to rip off the frame and the handle)
Avoid Investment in new sets of glass lids for existing freezers
• The frame of our cabinet is in one piece, It is directly moulded on the cabinet during production
(no assembly)
• The frame of our cabinet is very solid (ABS)
• Solid bottom and fixation of the wheels – perfect for rolling the cabinet outside the outlet
in the morning and back in again in the evening
• All components in the compressor room are placed on a drawer
(easy to pull out and give easy access for repair)

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